Business news articles: How to repair relationships

When I started my first job, I was anxious that I might not get along with coworkers, bosses and clients. I knew I was the face of the company to the people I did business with, so I had to be professional, knowledgeable, courteous and helpful to clients.

Learn how to repair business relationships. (Credit:

Learn how to repair business relationships. (Credit:

I consulted business news articles for tips on how to avoid damaging and repair business relationships. Here is some lifehack advice for college students to conduct themselves in a business environment. Read more

College survival tips: Keep in touch over the summer with friends, professors and TAs

Mailing letters

Mailing letters (© Damian Dovarganes/AP Images)

Keeping in touch with friends over the summer can make for an easier transition back into classes come fall. Although technology has made that task easier than ever, it does still require a bit of effort on your part. But, reaching out to your friends is totally worth it in the end. Those in the know will also offer these key college survival tips: maintain contact with your professors during and after college.

Stay connected with friends

Keeping in touch over the summer is as easy as sending a text. Of course, while getting texts from your far-flung college buds is great, it’s not the same as seeing them. Use these ways to make sure you and your friends stay connected when you are more than a dorm room away from each other. It’s as easy as 1-2-3: Read more