How to handle the stress of college life and living with roommates

Let’s face it: we’ve all got a lot going on in our lives, and sometimes the stress of everything is a lot to handle. Roommates, jobs, college life, significant others, friends, extracurricular activities—all of these things demand attention. Sometimes we can let the stress of one demand consume the others, and it can be too much to handle. Here are a few tips on how to handle the stress of school and living with roommates before it consumes the entire household. Read more

College roommate trouble: How to know and what to do if you’ve chosen the wrong roommate

Roommate troubleHigh school and your parents are in the rearview mirror — life is good, right? Well, that may depend on who turns out to be sharing your dorm room. Finding a college roommate that you mesh with can be harder than it looks. And, even if you managed to hand-pick yours, things may not work out the way you planned. Here’s how to know if you may have chosen the wrong roommate and how to switch before you drive each other nuts!

Roommate compatibility

Finding a college roommate is really no different than finding a roommate at any stage in your life. The hard part is that it is probably the first time you have had to go through the process and there can be a learning curve. Read more