Your Ultimate List for Student Discounts

Although the “freshman fifteen” may be a myth, there is a general consensus that your college years are the nicest to your wallet.

However, most students don’t know there are hundreds of places that give student discounts with a valid college ID–and here they are: Read more

How to save money the DIY way on college

It seems like not a day goes by that you don’t hear something in the news about the high price of education for college students. From student loan debt to constantly increasing tuition costs, there seems to be a never-ending stream of expenses.

Find out how you can save money in college. (Credit: Getty Images)

Find out how you can save money in college. (Credit: Getty Images)

What about some great ideas to save money while you are earning that degree? I’ve compiled a quick DIY how-to guide to help you keep your college costs down. Read more

Ideas on how to spice up your sneakers on campus this spring

Spring is just around the corner and soon you’ll be thinking about spring outfit ideas. One of the must haves is bound to be sneakers. They’re comfortable and affordable and can go just about anywhere.

They come in all kinds of colors but even so, you can save money by coming up with your own fashion ideas to make your sneakers stand out. Here are some cool DIY ideas for warm weather footwear. Read more

College tips: Save money and get organized

Due to the high cost of college and how busy I am all the time, I have to cut corners to save money and time wherever I can. College students can learn to streamline projects, get organized in your dorm room and reduce costs.

There are several ways to save money while in college. (Credit: peerTransfer)

There are several ways to save money while in college. (Credit: peerTransfer)

Here are some college tips for the best ways to save money and practice time management skills. Read more

Top 5 ways to save $100 this semester: Try them all and save up to $500

Everyone has heard the old axiom about two things in life being constant, death and taxes, right? Well I’d like to add a third constant to the mix, during college your budget is going to be tight. I’m talking about “living off of nothing but grocery store samples and ramen noodles for 6 weeks tight.” That kind of tight. I’m sure you can agree.

So I’d like to bestow some money-saving tips upon you to make it through. Tips that your GPA will thank you for, your social life will thank you for and most importantly your budget will thank you for! Here are 5 ways that you can save $100 this semester – or maybe more! Read more

Useful apps offer college students ways to save money

Are you always looking for ways to save money? If not, just look at your current student loan debt for inspiration. Saving money is like planting a tree. From little acorns do big trees grow. Start with small amounts put aside on a regular basis and before you know it you’ll have a nest egg.

There are many money saving apps to choose from. (Credit: Wall Street Journal)

There are many money saving apps to choose from. (Credit: Wall Street Journal)

Need more help? Try some useful apps that you can use wherever you go. Here is a list of money saving apps to help you stay on track with your savings plan. Read more

How to save money this Father’s Day

Dear old dad—if yours is like mine, he does so much, often without asking for a lot of attention in return. Wouldn’t it be nice if this Father’s Day you made a little effort to show him that you care?

How are you going to celebrate dad this Father's Day? (Credit: Pinterest)

How are you going to celebrate dad this Father’s Day? (Credit: Pinterest)

Don’t worry, you won’t have to break the bank if you go the DIY route and make your own gift. And wouldn’t dad approve of your effort to save money, too? Double win! Read more

Common sense for eating healthy on a budget

Food—for too many of us, we have a love/hate relationship with what we eat. You want to eat healthy, but you also want to save money, and all too often the food that is good for you is not kind to your wallet.

Yes, you can eat healthy and enjoy it too. (Credit: MemeCenter)

Yes, you can eat healthy and enjoy it too. (Credit: MemeCenter)

Common sense tells us there has to be a better way. Read on for some tips on eating healthy on a budget. Read more

DIY Mother’s Day projects to save money and celebrate mom

She wouldn’t forget your birthday (or for that matter any other gift-giving holiday … Thank you “Mrs.” Easter Bunny!) so the least you can do is throw her a little love come Mother’s Day. But when it comes to how to celebrate mom, well, she knows you aren’t rolling in cash.

Show your mom some love this Mother's Day. (Credit: WeKnowMemes)

Show your mom some love this Mother’s Day. (Credit: WeKnowMemes)

What you need are some DIY ideas to make yourself that also will save money. Time to get crafting! Read more

Top 10 summer vacation ideas for the broke college student

Classes will soon be out, and you want to enjoy your break, right? It’s the perfect time for a little summer vacation. But you are a broke college student, so if you’re going to hit the road, it has to be on the cheap.

Read on for some top destinations that will save money while allowing you to feel like you are living large. Read more