Bill Nye The Science Guy emphasizes the theory of evolution vs. creationism

Bill Nye The Science Guy

Bill Nye displays his "In Praise of Reason" Award (Photo by BDEngler)

For most of you growing up during the 1990s, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” was a scientific icon — funny, kooky, educational and entertaining. Lately, however, Nye has been making headlines with not only reports of his death but also his staunch views about the theory of evolution versus creationism — and his comments have caused quite a stir.

Nye’s credentials

In case you were worried, Nye is very much alive — his reported death being nothing more than a hoax that began on Twitter on Aug. 26, 2012 (similar rumors have been circulating for over a decade). More newsworthy, however, is that Nye is raising a few eyebrows with his newest YouTube video where he emphatically stresses the importance of students understanding evolution — and that creationism should never enter the realm of conversation on this subject. Read more