7 Ways to Reduce College Stress

It’s no surprise that many college students feel stressed. Whether it’s cramming for tests, worrying about financials, or managing being on their own for the first time, students often become overwhelmed and most often don’t know how to deal with it.

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DIY tips to recover from sleep deprivation

A survey of more than 400 college students conducted by Chegg found that only 16 percent of students got eight or more hours of sleep a night. The survey also found that those sleepless nights are typically due to too much homework and too much attention to online entertainment.

If you are a typical college student dealing with sleep deprivation, you just want some DIY tips for how to recover and not doze off in class. I’ve got you covered. Read more

What college students need to know about sleep

There is no denying that one of the biggest issues college students face is not getting enough sleep. What they may not know is how much it negatively impacts not just their bodies but also their brains. And as much as college students don’t mind procrastinating and pulling all-nighters, for someone that has been there and done that I can assure you it really is not the best way to go.

Sleep deprivation has risky effects college students need to be aware of. (Credit: Quick Meme)

Sleep deprivation has risky effects college students need to be aware of. (Credit: Quick Meme)

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Sleep deprivation and student health: The hazards of pulling an all-nighter in college

College study adviceThe messy hair and mismatched socks…the glassy, bloodshot eyes…the head you can barely lift off of the desk. You can always spot those students who pulled an all-nighter before a big exam or term paper. We’ve all been there — and done that. However, before you make pulling an all-nighter a common occurrence, check out some of these new facts about the damage that sleep deprivation can cause. Yes, there are times when staying up all night is unavoidable, but don’t worry! There are some great study tips for pulling an all-nighter listed here — just don’t get too comfortable with that course of study! Read more

Student health and effects of sleep deprivation: Best study habits include adequate sleep

Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation (Photo credit: Ed Yourdon)

The effect of sleep deprivation on college students is a well-known problem. As we face the new experiences of dorm life, new sleep patterns, sharing dorm rooms, freedom away from parents to party, late night study habits, new clubs and activities — all this can lead to sleep deprivation and disruptive effects on our bodies and school performance. Don’t believe me? Read on to learn how more sleep means better test results, a healthier body and fewer trips to the student health center! Read more