Do I need to get vaccinated this flu season?

You're actually sick?I’m a young, healthy college student. Do I need to get vaccinated this flu season? That’s a great question. While it’s true that vaccination is recommended for people at risk of getting the flu, like the elderly and children, this population also includes college students who live in a densely populated community. Influenza is very contagious, and symptoms of the flu can pop up in places where people have close contact with others. Getting a flu shot is a matter of promoting positive preventive health behavior. Read more

The freshman 15: How to eat healthy in college

Before you get too stressed—did you know that the “freshman 15” is an undocumented claim? Reports show that first-year college students only gain an average of three to six pounds, not the alleged ten to fifteen pounds. However, most freshmen do find eating healthy in college a big challenge, especially when they’re faced with preparing their own food, eating at restaurants more often or choosing from an endless buffet in the cafeteria. Read more