Learn about the SCA and its impact on youth

As part of CengageBrain’s Extra Credit Program, we like to know what’s happening with each of our contributing charities and share those stories with you, our valued followers! A recent study presented the positive impact the Student Conservation Association (SCA) has had on youth.

Find out how you can help SCA here. (Credit:

Find out how you can help SCA here. (Credit:

The new research showed that SCA has increased conservation awareness, along with developing social responsibility, increasing leadership skills and helping fuel continuous growth, which provide skills that make youth more successful in school, work and life. Read more

Accomplishments of the Student Conservation Association (SCA) from 2014

Each year, thousands of high school and college students across the United States engage in opportunities to improve the environments they reside in with the Student Conservation Association (SCA). Whether it’s working in national parks, marine sanctuaries, cultural landmarks or urban green spaces, they make improvements while simultaneously learning about conservation and sustainability of the earth.

Learn more about the impact of the Student Conservation Association (SCA). (Credit:

Learn more about the impact of the Student Conservation Association (SCA). (Credit:

The numbers for the year of 2014 are officially out, and we’d like to share with you just how much work SCA put in throughout the year. Read more

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Veterans take on training of SCA Fire Corps

In 2010, the Student Conservation Association (SCA) and the U.S. Forest Service organized a 90-day training program allowing veterans to explore careers that will help the transition back into civilian life easier. Such careers include wildfire containment where they learn about fire mitigation.

Veterans get involved with Fire Corps training. (Credit: SCA)

Veterans get involved with Fire Corps training. (Credit: SCA)

The program is called the Veterans Fire Corps, which was specifically designed for veterans interested in working in conservation-related fields and serves the Forest Service in an internship manner. A current VFC crew is operating in the area of Prescott, Arizona. Read more

The Student Conservation Association takes on State Parks

From California to Massachusetts, a group of ten high school student volunteers and two crew leaders set out this summer to restore sections of the Paulinskill Valley Trail in Sussex County’s Kittatinny Valley State Park that were heavily affected by Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.

In their efforts, volunteers were able to repaint bridges along the trail, remove overgrown vegetation and install informational kiosks in sections of the park. Read more

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