How to get in shape for spring break 2013…or at least before summer!

Student fitnessOkay everybody, listen up. Depending on when your spring break 2013 falls, you only have a few weeks left to get your body swimsuit ready — and this year you can do it without the fad diets. No eating cabbage soup or starving yourself with the three-day diet. Instead, check out some of these tips and find out how to get in shape before you hit the beach this spring.

Exercise is important

It can cost a lot of money to get in shape, and most college students are on a strict budget. Read more

Improve dorm life with these great tips for being a dorm room iron chef

College cooking skillsIt can be challenging to get a decent meal when you’re living in a dorm. With a few staple gadgets and ingredients anyone can be an iron chef and improve dorm life. Follow these great tips to get you started! Just, please, check with your campus’ regulations for dorm room appliances before you go spending that IRS refund check.

First things first

You’ll need to have the right equipment on hand before you begin cooking. Most likely you don’t have a ton of space in your dorm room, so here are a few space-saving appliances that allow more bang for your buck.

  • Nostalgia Electrics Egg and Muffin Toaster, $39.99: Allows you to not only toast a bagel but cook an egg and a sausage patty at the same time.
  • Sunbeam Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser and Bowl, $19.99: Up to 16 ounces of hot water can be heated in under two minutes and can be used for your favorite instant soup, hot tea, or oatmeal. Read more

The big game, tailgate parties and drinking responsibly

New York Jets Tailgate Lot 5A

New York Jets Tailgate Lot 5A

Whether you’re watching the Super Bowl, school home games, or just partying in your dorm rooms, food and beverages are a part of the fun. Your Super Bowl party, tailgate party or friendly get-together in your college dorms can feature the snack staples of chips and dip as well as unique appetizers and fancy drinks. No matter where you party, remember to drink responsibly, and remember that it’s still a party even without alcohol!

Celebrate with unique appetizers

Inspired by the Super Bowl, you may now feel that every home game at your school is a chance to celebrate big. Read more

The skinny on drinking coffee: The good, the bad and the bottom line

English: A photo of a cup of coffee. Esperanto...If you’re one of the myriads of college students who need their morning caffeine fix before you can have a coherent conversation, you’re part of a national trend of rising coffee drinkers. While experts have gone back and forth over the good and the bad effects of coffee, the latest studies show that college students over the past 10 years have increased their coffee drinking by nearly 14%. In addition, many college students are ditching soda for coffee, which has a higher caffeine content. When it comes to academic performance, however, caffeine may not be all it’s cracked up to be. Find out here what the real skinny is on drinking coffee.  Read more

Decorating on a budget — Spruce up your dorm room or apartment to feel more like “home”

Dorm room decoratingBy now you’re either starting a brand new semester or packing up shop at home to shortly return. If you find your home away from home to be not quite homey enough, there are some easy tips to set things right. To combat the homesickness that quickly snuck in during my semester abroad in England, the first thing I did was decorate my room. You wouldn’t believe what a few posters on the walls and pictures on your shelves do to lift your spirits when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Now that you’re ready for spring semester, you’ll need to learn how to start decorating on a budget to make your space more like home! Read more

Gun rights on college campuses: Pros, cons and what state law says

In light of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut on December 14, 2012, debate has been renewed about legislation allowing or banning guns on college campuses, dorm rooms, classrooms and public places. Gun rights advocates say everyone, including students, have the right to defend themselves, while pro gun control advocates believe lack of guns on campuses is what keeps everyone safe. Each state has its own laws governing concealed weapons on campus — some allow it, some forbid it, while others let each institution decide for itself. Read more

Mental health and college students

December can be a time of overwhelming stress, depression or anxiety, especially for college students. Maybe you are stressed out about your final exams. Perhaps you feel sad because of the gloomy, dreary winter days. Possibly the looming holidays cause you to remember or miss someone no longer in your life. Although anxious feelings are normal, it is also important to know when a bad day is more than, well, just a bad day. The recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School — one in which our thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved — makes us more aware of our actions and those of the people around us. If you aren’t quite feeling like yourself, or if someone you know seems to be behaving differently, consider talking to a school counselor.

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Top travel tips for stress-free holiday travel: Be prepared and relax

Holiday travel

If you’re new to the airport scene, arrive extra early!

The first semester of the year is almost over and many students are making the trek back to the parental units. Holiday travel can be stressful for anyone, especially young adults who may not have so much experience. Here are some travel tips for college students going home for the winter break.

Shop around to get cheap airfare

The farther out you reserve a ticket, the cheaper it is likely to be. Over 30 days is best. Read more

Preparing for all types of natural disasters — College students and Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy 10/28/2012

Hurricane Sandy hit the eastern states early this week and has already severely impacted many densely populated areas, leaving cities flooded and millions without power. Governors in both New York and New Jersey declared these areas “states of emergency.” Even if you are a West Coaster who won’t be affected by Sandy, this should get you thinking about how to prepare for all types of natural disasters. Check out these tips to help keep you safe in the event that a natural disaster strikes in your area — or if atrocities occur with the end of the Mayan calendar (just kidding — there is no scientific evidence that this is going to occur; if you are still uncertain, just visit NASA‘s website).

Hurricane Sandy

In preparation of Sandy’s arrival, Eastern states shut down public transportation systems, blocked off major bridges, cancelled schools and closed public offices — even the casinos in Atlantic City were forced to shut their doors. Read more

How to study in college: Top five tips for pulling a healthy all-nighter

Study tips for all-nighterWhile studying consistently and frequently throughout the semester is the best bet for nailing an A in any given course, you may come across a test or two that calls for a late-night cram session at some point during your collegiate career. Or maybe you forgot a big assignment or paper and only just saw the pop-up reminder on your phone go off. Whatever the reason, these nights are simply no fun and you’ll always be kicking yourself for having to do it in the first place. But if you find yourself pulling a red-eye before midterms, we’ve got the top five tips for how to study and get your work done the healthy way. Read more