4 Must-Need Tips as you Prepare for the GRE

Taking the GRE and applying to graduate school can be daunting. With the right tools and preparation, you can ace the GRE and complete your graduate school applications!

One tip as you prepare for the GRE? Get organized!

One tip as you prepare for the GRE? Get organized!

If you’re nervous and have no idea where to start, these tips will help prepare you: Read more

7 Reading Comprehension Tips For Improved Test Scores

Reading comprehension is important for college students, especially when you are new to the college experience, have advanced classes with complex material, and have a variety of types of classes, such as business, chemistry and Chinese. Effective reading comprehension strategies and study tips will help you ace your college tests. Here are some tips on how to study and utilize successful reading strategies.

When I got to college, it was often difficult to remember everything I read. Sometimes I would space out and have no idea what was in that paragraph I just finished reading. That’s why it’s important to pay close attention and check your understanding as you go along. Read more

9 Top Study Tips For College Success

After getting through high school you may think that you know all there is to know about how to study. But courses in college require a new and different approach. College students are often expected to automatically know how to study so your instructors may not even think of giving out study tips.

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of tips and ideas that might work well for you. Read more

7 Study Tips To Help You Ace Your Midterm Exams

I don’t know about you, but I always seem to psych myself out while preparing for midterm exams. And I assume I’m not the only person who stresses out about how to study before midterm exams.

Here are some effective study tips to help you ace your midterms. Read more

Finals week study tips and survival skills

Finals week is almost here! Whether it’s your first experience or not, you can always improve your final exam survival skills. Time management is probably the biggest challenge. You have to find the time to study and then know how to study in the time that you have.

Let’s look at some study tips that will help you to live through your finals schedule and conquer another semester. Read more

The secrets to success in college—life hacks and study tips

You probably already know 1,001 life hacks for soda can tabs or cooking in your microwave, but maybe you could use a little refresher on study tips, no matter what class you are struggling in.

College students I’ve heard your pleas, and I come bearing the secrets to success—college edition. Read more

How to create a great study space for yourself

You’ve had a couple (or a few) weeks to get into your semester. Have you found that perfect study space yet? Many college students have study rooms right in the dorm, but others prefer the library.

I always preferred my desk (or bed) and my laptop, but having brushed up on some study tips, I realize I probably could have done better! For some lifehacks on creating your own perfect study space, check out these tips. Read more

Building your memory palace and other study tips to ace your exams

I’m a big fan of the show Sherlock on PBS, and I find it fascinating when the world’s greatest consulting detective uses a memory palace (a way of visualizing walking through a room to remember details) to help solve crimes. Ever wish you could easily recall data from your short-term memory when taking an exam?

What tips do you recommend to build your memory palace? (Credit: The Nerdy Bomb)

What tips do you recommend to build your memory palace? (Credit: The Nerdy Bomb)

Study tips are great but in the crunch you have to use some brain hacks to put what you’ve studied onto the test paper. With that in mind, here are a few memory improvement tips to help you prepare for your next exam. Read more

5 realistic time management tips for college students

With end of the year term papers and final projects due, it can get very busy and stressful. You might feel overwhelmed and not know how to juggle all the things you have to do. Time management tips can help you schedule your schoolwork and spread your workload out so you can have enough time for everything, including yourself and friends.

Using a daily calendar helps with time management. (Credit: WikiHow)

Using a daily calendar helps with time management. (Credit: WikiHow)

Here are some study tips and successful time management techniques. Read more

7 study tips to help you ace your next exam

College students dread this time of year – midterms. It’s worse when one midterm and one final exam constitute your whole grade. But if you practice good study habits, you can excel.

How I feel every time I study for exams. (Credit:

How I feel every time I study for exams. (Credit:

It just takes some common sense, prioritizing and determination. Here are some college tips on how to study effectively. Read more