7 effective study tips for college students

Many colleges offer study tips to improve academics, but often don’t include effective study tools to help college students study better and retain what they’ve learned.

Good study tips include choosing the library over watching your favorite TV show. (Credit: Sufen Wang)

Good study tips include choosing the library over watching your favorite TV show. (Credit: Sufen Wang)

Student success depends on having the right tools for the job and knowing how to best use them. Here are some lifehack study tips to improve college habits and gain a student advantage. Read more

Test taking tips for final exams: How not to fail

Planning ahead for final exam prep can ease stress and help you sleep better once finals arrive.

Planning ahead for final exam prep can ease stress and help you sleep better once finals arrive.

It’s final exam time again. You know what you’re supposed to do and what you’re not supposed to do. Don’t forget your test taking tips, practice good study habits, get some sleep and exercise. If you don’t want to fail all your final exams, disappoint your parents, waste your tuition money and become a bum, here are some study tips for college and a list of what not to do.

Don’t ignore the teacher. If you find some material confusing, get a consultation from the teacher; he or she is there to help. The important information you need to understand thoroughly shouldn’t be a mystery to you at this stage. Read more

Final exam horror stories

What not to do during final exams. (Courtesy of Sneha Wadhwani)

What not to do during final exams. (Courtesy of Sneha Wadhwani)

Ever have that dream that you’re taking a test and you never studied for it? It’s a common occurrence of nervous test takers. Or what if you slept late, or went to your final exam in your pajamas? You know you have good study habits and have listened to all the study tips for college students. But what if the unexpected happens? Are you prepared? Here are some horror stories of final exams.

“The Dream” that you never studied for the test

A common dream for students is arriving on test day and realizing you never studied, never went to any classes or never even knew you were signed up for the course. Or, worse yet, that you arrived to class naked. Read more

Test prep: Make the most out of your study time by following these study tips

Monroe Community College Students Studying. (Courtesy of David Maiolo)

Monroe Community College Students Studying. (Courtesy of David Maiolo)

Whether you’re a first-year college student or a seasoned veteran of finals, you know that studying is a major part of being in college. If you learn to master your study techniques, you won’t have test anxiety when exams come around.

Grab your course syllabus, Smartphone, your tennis shoes and a snack, and follow these study tips to prepare yourself to ace that big exam!

Be proactive about studying — it’ll save you a lot of stress

Look at the course syllabus; chances are the dates of the exams are listed. Take a moment to write those dates in your planner. Now, leave yourself a reminder about a week and a half before the exams to get an early start by looking over your notes and quizzes. Read more

Study Tips: Top 10 Brain Boosting Super Foods

Not only are blueberries and strawberries delicious, they are also good for the brain!

Not only are blueberries and strawberries delicious, they are also good for the brain!

As midterms approach, remember this study tip: getting your mind and body in top shape can help increase your chances of acing those finals. So, resist the urge to pig out on junk food and turn your attention to healthy foods instead! In addition to getting plenty of sleep and exercise, eating a balanced diet rich in brain-boosting foods can help increase your mental sharpness, balance your mood and help you succeed. Even though the junk food may taste great  try not to give in! Instead, incorporate these 10 super foods into your life. Your body and your brain will thank you, and so will your GPA!

Read more

Sleep deprivation and student health: The hazards of pulling an all-nighter in college

College study adviceThe messy hair and mismatched socks…the glassy, bloodshot eyes…the head you can barely lift off of the desk. You can always spot those students who pulled an all-nighter before a big exam or term paper. We’ve all been there — and done that. However, before you make pulling an all-nighter a common occurrence, check out some of these new facts about the damage that sleep deprivation can cause. Yes, there are times when staying up all night is unavoidable, but don’t worry! There are some great study tips for pulling an all-nighter listed here — just don’t get too comfortable with that course of study! Read more

Study tips for college students: How to find or create the perfect study space

College study tipsAlthough fall term’s just starting, it won’t be long before midterms and papers fill your to-do list — so start off the year with some great study habits and the perfect study space. If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. We’ll give you all the details about the best places to study both on and off campus. Short on time and need to stay close to home? We’ve got that covered too. These study tips for college students explain how to turn a section of your dorm room or apartment into an optimal study space.

Don’t be social

Yes, college life is all about the social scene: meeting new people and enjoying your new-found freedom. However, don’t make the mistake of studying where everyone goes to be seen. This causes you to focus on everything (and everyone) except what actually needs your attention. Read more

Combat summer learning loss with summer reading and internships


Hey, summer’s here! I’ll get a summer job, hang out with the gang back home, party with friends, put school behind me and forget everything I learned …. And that’s the problem. It’s called “summer learning loss.” Students of all ages tend to lose some of the knowledge they gained during class the year before. To keep your brain in learning mode so you don’t get out of practice, do some summer reading of books in your field (history books, modern literature, science books, psychology journals), attend a lecture or get a summer internship. Read more

Practice test, prep course, study materials, oh my! How to prepare for the GRE

Taking the graduate record examination (GRE) is stressful, but when you figure in all the time you’re going to spend studying, it’s enough to drive you crazy. In order to feel prepared, you’ll want to be sure you’ve taken a GRE test preparations course or at the very least, taken a GRE practice test or two. Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions regarding the GRE. Read more

From student health to study habits: What not to do when starting the new school year

Start the new yearYou got through the first semester – phew! But another semester is looming. Friends, parents, and older siblings who have done it all before are hammering you with advice on how to handle dorm life, student health, study habits, avoiding plagiarism, and mental health awareness. To avoid causing yourself unneeded stress this semester, here are six things not to do: Read more