Summer drink ideas to help you keep cool

The heat of summer inspires some of the best summer drink recipes. Even if you’re working or taking classes during summer break, there will still be plenty of time for summer fun and finding ways to keep cool. Summer drinks don’t have to be alcoholic to refresh you.

A few refreshing summer drink ideas. (Credit: Tara Miller)

A few refreshing summer drink ideas. (Credit: Tara Miller)

In fact you’ll have more fun and be healthier if you keep your alcohol intake to a minimum. Let’s take a look at a few summer drink recipes that will give your summer break a splash of cool. Read more

Create a bucket list to make the most of your summer break

Summer break is just around the corner and it’s time to make your bucket list of must-do adventures. Instead of the usual summer reading, make this one crazy summer that you’ll never forget. Let’s take a look at a few ideas of what you need to do before the fall semester begins.

Taking a road trip with friends is an excellent bucket list item.

Taking a road trip with friends is an excellent bucket list item.

Why make a bucket list

A bucket list is a list of things that you want to do before you die. If you haven’t made one, then it’s time to put one together. After all, you’re more likely to get something done if you’ve written it down. Read more

Schlock rules: Summer 2013 movies to help you beat the heat

From left to right on stage: Hugh Jackman, Rya...

From left to right on stage: Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Taylor Kitsch, Liev Schreiber, Lynn Collins, and at the X-Men Origins: Wolverine premiere in Tempe, Arizona.

Summer is traditionally the time for schlock movies to abound. Whether it’s horror, action or high tech effects, summer 2013 movies are sure to fill the bill for everyone. Most viewers are looking for harmless fun and entertainment. Some are merely looking to beat the heat with industrial strength air conditioning. Here are a few of the movies that are coming your way. Read more

Summer break: How to choose the best gear for your trip!

Camping equipment

Camping equipment

Summer is just beginning — are you stocked up on your favorite outdoor equipment? Check out our tips on how to choose the best gear that’ll ensure your adventures this summer break are top notch!

What the experts say

National Geographic offers up their suggestions for your summer trip in Steve Casimiro’s post titled, “Ultimate Hiking and Camping Gear Guide,” on Here are some top picks that will have you planning that trip before you’re done reading this! Read more

BBQ tips and tricks — How to plan a cookout

Summer BBQNo matter how old you are, summertime makes you feel like a kid again while you’re free for three months to relax and enjoy the great weather. Sure, you may still have summer school classes or a job, but June, July and August’s longer days offer the perfect opportunity to kick back and have a good time—and nothing says fun quite like firing up the grill. Make the most of your summer this year with these BBQ tips and tricks you can use when you plan a cookout with your friends.
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Summer sounds good to us — Free 3-day Lollapalooza passes are up for grabs!

Summer Sounds GoodTotal and complete lack of summer adventure plans have you a bit bummed out? Think squandering all your money on Spring Break may have been an epic fail? Well, don’t you sweat it just yet!

Summer sounds good to us!

Especially when the sounds of summer are going to be in Grant Park : Chicago, IL. August 2, 2013 through August 4, 2013 for the completely sold-out Lollapalooza Festival. And of course those tickets sold out ages ago. Who wouldn’t want to go? If you missed out on tickets for Lollapalooza this year we’ve got you covered…

We are giving away TWO pairs of 3-day passes for the Lollapalooza Festival

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Summer fun on your college student budget!

Your summer break from school should be all about catching up on the fun times you’ve missed while classes were in full swing. You don’t have to stress about how to manage all that summer has to offer just because you’re on a college student budget! Here are some fun ways to keep yourself and your best buds occupied without breaking your bank.

Despite being on a college student budget, you can still have some fun in the sun.

Despite being on a college student budget, you can still have some fun in the sun.

Be a tourist in your own state

When you don’t have a ton of cash but want to make the most of your vacation, why not have a staycation in your own city or state? You’ll save a lot by not having to purchase plane tickets, and you can pack a few meals in your cooler to avoid the late-night stops at greasy diners. Read more