The hidden gems of summer jobs for college students

It’s officially summer break! You know what that means? Plenty of sun and relaxation… OH WAIT, you want (or need) a summer job? There are a handful of options available to you. You just have to do your research on the best summer jobs.

A dog walker would be considered one of many good summer jobs. (Credit: US News)

A dog walker would be considered one of many good summer jobs. (Credit: US News)

Here we show you some great ideas for summer jobs that will almost make it seem like you’re having fun and not working! Read more

Staying at school during summer semester? Summer tips for college students staying on campus — and some good summer jobs too!

English: Students at the ABAC campus.

Summer semester at the ABAC campus

It’s finally summer! You have chosen to remain on campus while your friends and roommates head home to do nothing but bask in the sun with a frosty beverage and enjoy mom’s home cooked meals and laundry service. Is it any wonder you look so glum? Staying on campus over the summer semester comes with a number of stresses. Are you taking summer classes? Do you still need to find a job to pay your rent? Are the only people you recognize your professors? Although college can seem like an alien planet during the summer semester, this is the best time to maximize your opportunities both on and off campus. Just think, you’ll have more quiet time, more independence and you’ll be the top pick for some good summer jobs! Need a place to start? Just follow these summer tips for college students on campus! Read more

Top 5 summer jobs for your major you’ll actually enjoy, plus their special perks!

Become a tour guide in your town or campus

Become a tour guide in your town or campus

While finding summer employment can be tricky, but if you’re open to looking in new directions, you can really find a summer job or summer internship that you’ll actually enjoy! Still drawing a blank on where to begin? Check out our list of the top 5 summer jobs, and the college majors they’ll pair nicely with:

  1. Radio station promotions team: If you live in a large metropolitan area,  chances are there are several radio stations nearby, most of which do live events all summer long. Read more

How to find internships and summer jobs that offer experience in your field of study

Job fair

Job fair by Flickr USDAgov

Gaining useful experience through internships and summer jobs is an important part of preparing yourself for the workforce after college. If you’re at a loss for where to start, check out these tips to help begin your job search.

Where to begin

Internships are a great way to gain experience in your future career, and as Alexandra Kent writes in her March 25, 2012 article “Students face choice between internships, jobs” for the Central Florida Future, “An internship can even give a leg-up in the company that a student would like to work full-time in the future.” Read more