Considering Summer School? How Many Credit Hours Should You Take?

For some college students, wrapping up your studies in four years can be a challenge. Enter summer school. You may decide to take this route to complete your education because you changed majors and need to catch up on course work; maybe you need to retake a class you did badly in.

Whatever your reason for considering summer school, you also need to be realistic about the number of credit hours you sign up for. Here’s why: Read more

How to make the most of summer school

Your dreams for summer break are probably to lounge by the pool, sleeping until noon and doing as little as possible – basically, living the dream. Not to squash your dream, but what if you need to consider summer school? If your summer semester promises more coursework, then you need these life hacks to make the most of your time in class.

It is possible to make summer school a good experience. (Credit: MemeCenter)

It is possible to make summer school a good experience. (Credit: MemeCenter)

Read on for some do’s and don’ts to help you maximize your summer school experience. Based on previous experience, I can attest to these being super helpful for me when I took summer school! Read more

Summer classes: Stay focused and get credits faster

Summer school“Summer school” sounds like a punishment. You’d rather get a job, party or just veg during your summer vacation. The benefits to taking summer courses make the off-peak grind worth it though, plus you can choose from lots of different options: study abroad, summer internships or online summer school all offer flexibility and convenience that may not be available to you during the fall or winter semesters. Learn why you should consider summer courses, discover what options you have, and find out how to study during the summer when what you’d rather be doing is lying on a beach somewhere. Read more