How to make the most of summer school

Your dreams for summer break are probably to lounge by the pool, sleeping until noon and doing as little as possible – basically, living the dream. Not to squash your dream, but what if you need to consider summer school? If your summer semester promises more coursework, then you need these life hacks to make the most of your time in class.

It is possible to make summer school a good experience. (Credit: MemeCenter)

It is possible to make summer school a good experience. (Credit: MemeCenter)

Read on for some do’s and don’ts to help you maximize your summer school experience. Based on previous experience, I can attest to these being super helpful for me when I took summer school! Read more

Staying at school during summer semester? Summer tips for college students staying on campus — and some good summer jobs too!

English: Students at the ABAC campus.

Summer semester at the ABAC campus

It’s finally summer! You have chosen to remain on campus while your friends and roommates head home to do nothing but bask in the sun with a frosty beverage and enjoy mom’s home cooked meals and laundry service. Is it any wonder you look so glum? Staying on campus over the summer semester comes with a number of stresses. Are you taking summer classes? Do you still need to find a job to pay your rent? Are the only people you recognize your professors? Although college can seem like an alien planet during the summer semester, this is the best time to maximize your opportunities both on and off campus. Just think, you’ll have more quiet time, more independence and you’ll be the top pick for some good summer jobs! Need a place to start? Just follow these summer tips for college students on campus! Read more