Share Your Thoughts on College, We’ll Share Your Professor’s.

As a college student, you obviously have thoughts on college. Thoughts on college related to the classroom, your job and your relationships with friends and family. Juggling it all can be challenging, we at CengageBrain get that, you don’t have to tell us… But this is your chance to tell your instructors your thoughts on college, your thoughts on what the life of a college student is truly like! We know what puts you in the seats, this is your chance to tell your instructors what keeps you there!

Share Your Thoughts on College, We'll Share Your Professor's Thoughts.

college lecture (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

Student thoughts on college

In order to help your instructors understand some of the challenges you’re facing in your academic career, we want you to take our survey. Any and all feedback is appreciated so feel free to spill your guts about what your college life is like! We will be sharing your thoughts on college with instructors so they have a better idea about what matters the most to you. But that’s not the best part… Read more