Stay sharp this summer vacation — Top five ideas for college students

Summer vacationEight weeks of doing nothing but working on your tan and seeing how many hours you can pack into one night’s sleep. That may sound like a pretty darn good summer vacation plan now, but the smartest college students know that to stay sharp over the break we have to keep the ‘ole noodle active! Read on to discover five ideas we can use to have a great summer vacation, without wrecking our back-to-school experience come fall. Read more

Final exam time: How to study and top 10 ways to blow your finals

Finals seasonAack, it’s that time of year! The summer sun is calling, but before we break for freedom, there are those needling final exams to get through. The final exam torture routine includes all-night study sessions and copious amounts of Red Bull. We scour study tips and test taking tips in the hopes of gaining a few extra points on our tests. Often we know what we’re supposed to do — practice effective study habits; get a good night’s sleep. But there are plenty of things we should not do. Here are some fool-proof ways to bomb your finals (that you should probably avoid!): Read more

Time to get ahead with summer school courses — Learn how!

summer classesAh summer time … a time to kick back, enjoy the beach, sleep in and take a class? While the thinking has long been that the months of June and July are when college students decompress and step away from the classroom, summer school courses can be a way to get ahead. Overachiever looking to graduate early? Changed your major and don’t want to fall behind? Just so darn smart your brain can’t take a break? Whatever the reason, find out if summer school is right for you. Read more

Top 10 staycation ideas for college students in need of R&R

Korean tacos from Seoul on Wheels truck in the...

Korean tacos from Seoul on Wheels truck in the San Francisco Bay Area.

You’ve been studying hard all year and now you deserve some time to kick back and play! Oh right, there’s just one problem. A vacation costs money and that, my friend, as we all know, is in short supply. What’s a poor, tired student to do? Staycation! Good times can be had not far from your backyard (or even in your backyard if you prefer). Check out these top 10 staycation ideas for college students in need of some quality R&R. Read more

Volunteers get class credit and competitive student advantage

English: New Orleans, LA, 3-13-06 -- Volunteer...

New Orleans, LA, 3-13-06 — Volunteers  look for salvageable items in this home that was destroyed from Hurricane Katrina. Marvin Nauman/FEMA photo

Hey, working for no money is lame. But what about the time tested barter system: you work, but in exchange you get college credit for it. That works for me! Just match your major or school subjects with appropriate work in your community or abroad to gain valuable experience that you can’t get in a classroom. When you volunteer for class credit — also called service learning or experiential learning — you can teach kids, contribute to a science project with real scientists, work with nonprofit organizations, bring safe drinking water to communities around the world and a host of other cool things. And remember, internships and volunteer programs offer a student advantage by giving your resume a boost.

Benefits of community volunteering for college credits

Service learning is valuable for a number of disciplines, including education, biology, agriculture, English, geography and business. Read more

To improve college study skills, teachers encourage good study habits, following attendance policy

Professors and bad habitsWhile of course there are the Dean’s List students out there, most college students aren’t exactly known for having the best study habits. And don’t think this goes unnoticed by your professors and employers! Whether it’s non-adherence to the attendance policy, arriving unprepared, sleeping in class or not following directions, teachers are exasperated. They want to improve your college study skills and academic experience. This will only help you to eventually go on to dazzle an interviewer and potential boss in the future. So here are some things you should probably stop doing ASAP: Read more

Midterms: Tips for turning midterm grades into stellar final grades

Midterm reevaluationsEvery spring the semester that was humming along so well turns into a stress-fest as we suddenly realize that midterms loom ahead. The good news about midterm grades is that they don’t become a permanent part of your transcript. But they are a good indication of what your final grades might be. Here are a few tips for how to reassess and plan your strategy after you get your midterm grades.

What’s your number?

Many students are required to maintain a certain grade point average (GPA) either because their major requires it or their financial aid depends on it. Read more

Thank your professor by nominating them for America’s Top TA 2013 — The national challenge by CengageBrain

Does your favorite TA get the recognition he or she deserves? College students now have the chance to thank the TA (teaching assistant) who has had the biggest impact on their education through America’s Top TA competition by CengageBrain.

Nominate a teaching assistant for America's Top TA Read more

Top study abroad destinations: Where to go and what not to do

Study abroadOne of the things I was looking forward to most in college was studying abroad. I had heard about it in high school and knew that if I spent a little extra time working, applied for scholarships and took out a few extra loans, I’d too, be able to travel to a new country to study. It really is one of the great things about college. Here are some top study abroad destinations, some destinations to avoid and also some tips on what not to do while abroad. Read more

Spring break 2013: 10 ways to ruin your cross-country road trip

Road tripAhhh…the open road. There is nothing quite like jumping in the car with your best buds—and spring break 2013 might be the perfect time to do it. However, before you take off, there are a few road trip tips to consider. First, keep in mind that you are all traveling together…for a number of days…in the same vehicle…with no way to leave. Second, be sure that you have everything (and everyone) you need for the trip before you depart. And third, avoid the following road trip mistakes at all cost. Trust me! Drum roll, please! Here are the ten ways to guarantee that your cross-country road trip will be an utter disaster: Read more