DIY tips for finding seasonal employment

Odds are if you are a college student you are looking for ways to earn extra money this holiday season. Finding a job that fits in with your class schedule can be a challenge, but it is doable, especially if you follow my DIY tips for seasonal employment.

Of course, the dream is to find a job that doesn’t require you wear some crazy holiday getup as well. Don’t despair! Soon you will have a little extra “jingle” in your pocket! Read more

Tips for college students on how to sleep better

A little bit of shuteye never seems so good until you are sleep deprived. The hours we spend at rest may seem like time wasted, but everyone needs that time to keep their bodies working right.

Learn how you can sleep better. (Credit:

Learn how you can sleep better. (Credit:

Sleep helps brain function, memory and a whole host of other areas, so establishing and sticking with good sleep habits is a surefire way to improve your health. College students, need some tips for how to sleep better? Read on. Read more

How to manage ADHD in college

The transition to college can be tough for anyone—living away from home for the first time, juggling the responsibility of class, being on your own. It is easy to feel overwhelmed. But what if you have ADHD?

College students with ADHD face many challenges, but they can be overcome. (Credit:

College students with ADHD face many challenges, but they can be overcome. (Credit:

That can make the changes and challenges that college bring even tougher. For prospective college students with ADHD or even a current student with ADHD, here are some tips for how you can survive and succeed as an undergrad. Read more