Blackberry and Apple iOS 7 probs, Mozilla Firefox goes mobile, and a comeback for You Don’t Know Jack

You’re in the middle of your midterm studying, prepping that research paper, but that’s no excuse for losing track of the tech world. Why is everyone at Blackberry so bummed out? How is Mozilla Firefox becoming more mobile? And how is “You Don’t Know Jack” making a big comeback? Keep reading and check out what’s trending!
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Need to know: Dick Tracy would dig the Samsung smartwatch + other science fiction predictions

Smartwatch technologyBack in the 1930s, cartoonist Chester Gould introduced the world to Dick Tracy, a private eye in a signature yellow duster and hat, who communicated with his top-secret contacts via wrist-watch. While yellow dusters are unlikely to become a hip new trend, the science fiction based “radio watch” may have just met its modern, real-world sibling. Meet the Samsung smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear. While smartwatches have been around for a few years, they haven’t actually been very smart; the Galaxy Gear is the first watch to mimic the functionality of watch, phone, camera, and task manager. If you’ve been waiting for a video watch since catching episodes of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a kid, those cartoon versions may now be reality. Read more

Sites and gadgets and hashtags, oh my! The hottest online trends to keep you cooled off this summer

Summer memesTo stay cooled off this summer, you’ll want to keep up with the latest online trends. Stay in the know by keeping up with these cool sites, gadgets, and hashtags. Whether you’re looking to organize your budget with an iPhone app or you want to check out the news on the new Nintendo Wii U, we’ve got the info here! Read more