How to Build the Perfect Cover Letter

A cover letter can make or break your job application. It allows you to portray your communication skills and personality more effectively than a resume, and it’s the prime medium to stand out from other applicants.

Not everyone is the most skilled writer, but knowing what to include in your cover letter will make the process less painful. Read more

10 English grammar rules to live by

With term paper writing season just around the corner, here are 10 English grammar rules and style tips so your writing is up to snuff (that means good!).

This is why grammar is important, people. (Credit: Playbuzz)

This is why grammar is important, people. (Credit: Playbuzz)

You can also use these writing tips to make your blogs, Facebook and journals more professional. Read more

7 tips to fight writer’s block for college term paper

Spring break gave your brain a rest, now it’s time to get back into the swing of doing schoolwork. Writer’s block is bound to hit and hit hard. You stare at your blank computer screen and your brain turns to mush. You can’t write anything intelligible.

Learn how writer's block can be prevented. (Credit: Pinterest)

Learn how writer’s block can be prevented. (Credit: Pinterest)

Have no fear; here are some writing tips, some are from famous writers, to help you with your college term paper or for creative writing ideas. Read more

Creative writing tips to improve academics

No matter what your major is, it might be fun to take an Intro to Creative Writing course. In addition to studying literature and Expository Writing, learning how to write and think creatively can improve all aspects of academics.

Creative writing can greatly improve one's learning skills. (Credit:

Creative writing can greatly improve one’s learning skills. (Credit:

When you practice creative writing exercises, you are learning problem solving and discipline. Here are some creative writing tips and methods for writing fiction. Read more

Good, better, best — How to write a winning scholarship essay

Scholarship essay

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You’re getting your groove around campus. Giving class the ‘ole college try. But if you didn’t realize it before moving into the dorm, higher education has a pretty steep price tag these days, and a little extra cash sure could help pay for tuition. Grab your share of the available monetary help out there by learning how to write a winning scholarship essay.

Think before applying

What this means is, if you aren’t skilled in underwater basket weaving, don’t apply for a scholarship centered on that skill. Read more